Why Choose Us?

    Is the story about Flax something new? People have been using it forover 5000 years. Is there anyone in our environment who can say negative about flax?

    Our team looked for these everywhere: on the Internet, social networks, among our friends who surround us. We can safely say that we were not found! But for that, we found something new in flax that people and their pets did not yet have. We make ZUZ pet tray litter.

    Now, all the best that flax can give will be our family friends. Flax is a natural antiseptic, it is antibacterial, hypoallergenic. Today, these qualities are a super trend. We do not use any chemical additives in production. Flax is completely biodegradable and PH neutral. It is easy to dispose of.

    Our customers are the same as we are, those people who today are not indifferent to the future of our planet and all of humanity. 

About Us

Dmitriy Gladkov,

CEO, owner

    Our team members have been selling flax fiber to the light industry for several years. There is no doubt that flax is a valuable plant from which people have been making clothes from the time of Moses, and it has unique hygienic qualities. At the end of 2018, our company began to launch the production of experimental batches of flax pellets and test it for use as a litter for pet trays. Today we can courageously say that the main differences between our pet litter and the others are:

· Flax - a natural antiseptic

· Flax - antibacterial

· Flax - hypoallergenic

    And of course, such qualities of our litter as: high hydrosorption, odor retention, PH - neutrality and biodegradability, versatility of use and disposal, as well as environmental friendliness, also remain at a high level.

    Summing up, all the best qualities of our product and flax. We understand the value that we can give to people and their pets, especially today, when the struggle of mankind with viruses is at the peak of relevance. We think that the time has come to start on-line trading in order to be closer to people and to our pets.



Sliezu 1, Riga, Latvia LV 1005